Credits(CRDS) Roadmap

Credits Roadmap

  • Create a standalone CPU miner for the Argon2d algorithm
  • Create an official pool with 1% fee (0.5% to Credits Dev Fund + 0.5% to Team for pool maintenance, hosting & upgrades)
  • Community vote on remapping the emission of Credits and changing from PoW + Masternodes to PoS + Masternodes or PoW + PoS + Masternodes
  • Upgrades to code so that the emission is changed according to the vote
  • Listing on a more significant exchange
  • Android and iOS wallets
  • Trezor/Ledger/Keepkey hardware wallets integration
  • SegWit integration
  • Community vote on PoS details (inflation, rewards, etc.) if approved at the previous vote
  • Real world marketing of Credits
  • Credits meet-up/conference